Sustainable Innovative and Creative Engineering (SICENG)

SICENG is a venture who seeks to bring together engineers from all over the world through regular symposia to share ideas, visions and the latest outcomes in research and industrial achievements in sustainable, innovative and creative engineering.

Enhancing cooperations between academia and industry is one of the main strategic goals of SICENG; providing an environment for inspiration through interdisciplinary meetings is another. SICENG will organize different symposia and summer schools on creative and innovative engineering covering different engineering disciplines. 

SICENG also develops innovative and creative product concepts and products. Thanks to the experts from the automotive industry and academia working together at SICENG and thanks to its global network, a wide range of competencies are represented in this company. 


Obejctives of SICENG are, but are not limited to:

  • Actively support methods, concepts, ideas and visions for innovative and creative engineering
  • Actively promote interdisciplinary inspiration and cooperation
  • Bring together experts from academia and industry to share ideas and visions
  • Promote and develop innovative and creative solutions and products
  • Promote cooperation between academia and industry, within academia and within industry
  • Promote education in the field of innovative and creative engineering
  • Organize and promote national and international symposia, conferences, workshops and seminars related to sustainability, innovation and creativity and various fields
  • Organize and promote the Summer School on Creative Engineering
  • Tool tracking and tool managament in the automotive sector


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